A Funny Poem

Here’s a short poem we just dug up from a few years back, co-written by me and my Fiancé:

Leon and Eimear met on the net,
You could say it was love at first ‘site’.
Every time they came online,
They talked for half the night!

He was lost and she was too,
But his advances were rebuked.
But she came around and love he found,
The very first time she cooked!

Now 5 months on, a long time gone,
The relationship is stable.
She’s realised he’s after more than,
Just her broadband cable!

No Line On The Horizon Review

I got hold of the latest U2 album a week or 2 before going to see them in Croke Park on their first night on home soil as part of their current world tour. Just wanted to aquaint myself with some of the songs in case they played a load of them! They played 4 or 5 and I was ready for them! Continue reading “No Line On The Horizon Review”

Burn On Jack L Review

Just seen the great voice, Jack L performing in the Dock in Carrick-on-Shannon last night and its about the 5th or 6th time I’ve seen him live so before I get around to this late review of his latest album “Burn On” it needs to be said that I’m already a big fan! Continue reading “Burn On Jack L Review”

Christmas and Religion

Dilemma!? Half of me hates going along with all the usual Christmas shite and letting myself get carried away on the cheesy and neverending marketing wave that usually results in me spending, eating and drinking needlessly. The other half (my inner child) harks back to when Christmas meant something and was magical and I just want to get decorations up, get carols on and be merry!

Another dilemma is that I’m so non-religious its unreal having been brought up atheist and un-christened. This link partly explains why, Christians, please don’t click! So my decision should really be made for me as to whether I celebrate it or not but what can you do, be a scrooge and be the only one in your extended family who doesn’t take part!? I wouldn’t be allowed.

Oh and someone please write some new Christmas tunes, maybe Radiohead should come up with a suitably morose tune for the times thats in it!


X Factor

I’ve no choice but to watch this show each year as my partner is in charge of the tv but its decent tele when you get into it. If you just ignore the over emotion and tears and focus on the songs and talent then you’ll get through it! My favorite is Sexy Ruth and Sexy Diana (please put your hand down or you’ll be mistaken for a puppeteer!) but I reckon Alexandra is the best singer.

Any chance of a Doors night!?

Being Creative

I used to spend most of every day writing Songs and Poetry back in the 90’s and sadly I’ve lost my touch a bit although it could be argued a fair bit of what I do now with Web & Graphic Design is creative too. I remember the great pride I had in myself for writing a piece of music or poetry and whether it was good or not didn’t matter! All that mattered was that I created something from scratch, from a blank canvas as such.

Being creative forces you to use a little more of your brain that you normally would and use a different part ot it too. Its nothing but a heatlhy excercise and it helped keep me sane in hard times. There are few nobler endeavours and I must get back to it soon.


Across The Universe

Just seen the film “Across The Universe” about a young artist lad from Liverpool called Jude who goes to America in the 60’s and has adventures against the backdrop of political upheaval, student riots and the Vietnam war. The film’s soundtrack is all Beatles music perfomed by new artists and some of the script uses lyrics from the Beatles songs. All in all a cool, arty and moving film and I’ll be looking to see it again soon!

Check HERE to hear one of the songs from the movie.