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Leon Quinn I was born in Poole, Bournemouth, England in October 1975. I left for Dublin soon afterwards to live with my mother and grandparents, and lived there for 27 years.

In 2003, I moved to Co. Leitrim, a quieter, more remote part of north-western Ireland to try to live a simpler, quieter life and havn’t looked back once..

I’m a bit of a weird, non-conforming, narky, individualist type. I’m also a dreamer and philosopher and always have been really…I feel as if I came to this planet about 20 years too late, the 60’s sounded good!

These days I spend most of my time Designing and Preaching the IT Gospel through my Multimedia Design Company Reverb Studios Design but I also still do a bit of song and poetry writing, recording and contemplating music in my digital home studio.

I’m not religious but Music is my religion and spirituality. The power of it amazes me and it’s what I turn to when all is chaotic and uncontrollable. I find comfort, inspiration, safety and quiet in music and am thankful to have discovered it’s magic.