Un-opened Doors and Time Passing

Life is a long corridor,
Of un-opened doors.
Any that we manage to open,
Give us glimpses of the truth,
Perceptions of reality,
Gates to another existence,
A better place
For the human race,
Maybe worse….

Time floats away
On soft summer breezes,
We will never catch up
And it will never come back to us.
Life is just un-opened doors
and time passing…

I Thought I heard the rain

I thought I heard the rain falling.
Hitting my pain,
Calling my name,
Telling me I’m insane,
Clearing my drain
and playing my game,
Asking my brain to stay the same.
Down, hard and wet it came,
Whispering to me
and blurring my aim,
Taking away my chance of fame,
Dousing my fire
and making me tame,
Stirring my rage
To kill and to maim,
But soaking my legs
and making me lame.
I thought I heard the rain falling,
But when I rose,
There was sunshine….

Little Girl Lost

You’re too young to feel the pain,
You’re innocence will not remain.
You will never be the same,
You live your life
believing it’s a game.
You can ask me why,
But little girl, please don’t cry.

Where is your soft beauty gone?
I remember when it shone.
Wounded pride, the only one,
You cannot know
what should be done.
You can ask me why,
But little girl, please don’t cry.

Wet-eyed angel flying low,
There was no way
that you could know.
How evil forces strike a blow,
To cut you down and stem your flow.
You can hear my lie,

But little girl, please don’t die.


I wander lonely as a freak,
Through mystic clouds I fly.
Life, it has no meaning,
For a child as true as I.

Barren lands encountered,
I swim through murky sea.
Upon the rocks I flounder,
Then madness rescues me.

There can be no freedom,
From situations thus.
Upon the journeys end,
Death becomes a must.

Evening’s melancholy sunlight,
Insanity’s horizon extended,
Flaming apocalyptic skies,
All just as I intended.