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    10 Awesome Albums 

    1. “Blonde on Blonde” – Bob Dylan

    Blonde on Blonde

    For some reason I had this on repeat during the dark days of 2001 when I was totally lost in life. I stayed in bed for about 6 months and the only thing I really done was listen to music. Loudly and with the lights off and curtains drawn. The only way to listen to good music! Amazingly, the album didn’t depress me further but helped me out of the hole.

    If I had to pick standout tracks they’d be:

    2. “A Rush of Blood to the Head” – Coldplay

    A Rush of Blood to the Head

    This was the first album I streamed when I got my first ever PC in 2002. I also attempted to illegally download it by holding a mic up to the pc speakers! I’ve come a long way since.. I listened to it a lot just as I became a “man”.

    Best tracks:

    • Politik” – (What an intro to an album!?)
    • Clocks” – (That bit at the end with just the piano…Ynom)

    3. “Brothers in Arms” – Dire Straits

    This is a bit of a cliche to have in your favourites list but I don’t care. It’s awesome.


    Brothers in Arms” – (That solo!!)
    The Man’s Too Strong” – (Awesome folkiness!)

    4. “Talkie Walkie” – Air

    Talkie Walkie

    I’ve been listening to Air for at least 12 years now. It’s absolutely beautiful chill out electronica from France of all places. I want to make music like this some day.

    Best tunes:

    • Biological” – (Sciency love song extrordinaire!)
    • Alone in Kyoto” – (Such a delicate, subtle but awesome track)

    5. “The Soft Parade” – The Doors

    The Soft Parade

    The Doors have to be here somewhere and I wasn’t going to pick an obvious album. Having deconstructed and even recorded every single Doors album song in my time as well as having been in a Doors tribute band at one stage, I know these songs inside out and can appreaciate them, even the weird ones, more than most.

    I feel like the Doors had fun with this one and let loose their respective influences in what on the surface sounds like a mismatch of styles but when you dig deeper or even just treat each song on it’s own merits, there’s some real gems here. Everything from Rock to Ballads, to Jazz to Country!

    Favourite tracks:

    6. “Definitely Maybe” – Oasis

    When I first got into music seriously and was learning guitar, Oasis was fairly popular. The first band I joined in the late 90s were mad for Oasis and Britpop in general and before I turned them into a Doors tribute band (ahem!) we had good fun with some of Oasis’s songs. I remember really enjoying playing these songs on stage:

    7. “The Bends” – Radiohead

    Similarly re Oasis, we played a lot of Radiohead songs in the bands I was in. The Bends was out then and is still probably my favourite Radiohead album. Loved these ones:

    • Street Spirit” – (Lovely finger style riff throughout)
    • High & Dry” – (Hard to sing but nice acoustic feel)
    • Just” – (Intense!)

    8. “Mellow Gold” – Beck

    Mellow Gold


    Beck has a way with words…and music! There were some great old style influences in the tunes on this album. These songs are permanently in my head:

    9. “The Black Album” – Metallica

    The Black Album

    I learned to play lead guitar or maybe guitar in general with Metallica’s riffs. This album used to get me to sleep at night…in a good way! Standout tracks include:

    10. “Pet Sounds” – The Beach Boys

    Pet Sounds

    Are you a Pet Sounds or Sgt Pepper person!? Sgt Pepper was obviously groundbreaking but there’s a bit too much messing with electronics and recording tricks for me. Pet Sounds is just beautiful music from start to finish from the genius mind of Brian Wilson and has way more depth than Pepper. I love these most:

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    Tags: doors bootlegs, doors covers, , the doors   

    My Doors Covers Album! 

    So around about 2003 I decided to record an album of┬ácovers from my favourite band, The Doors. I sold 1 copy online! But it was to a friend of Jim Morrison’s in Paris who collects rare bootleg versions and covers of Doors stuff. I was happy enough to retire on the back of that!

    All songs use professional backing tracks which I purchased and all feature my voice as the main vocal. Some are decent, some are not!


    Alabama Song
    Back Door Man
    Been Down So Long
    Break on Through
    Hello I Love You
    LA Woman
    Light My Fire
    Love Her Madly
    Love Me Two Times
    People Are Strange
    Riders on The Storm
    Roadhouse Blues
    The Crystal Ship
    The Unknown Soldier
    Touch Me
    When The Music’s Over

    Download full album (Zip)

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    Tags: , the doors, when the music's over   

    When The Music’s Over 

    A 10 minute epic Doors song. Can’t believe I even tried to sing this but it came out ok. Off the Strange Days album.

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    Tags: soft parade, the doors, touch me   

    Touch Me 

    Would never have been a huge fan of this song but loved singing it and it’s one of my best vocals. Off the mad Soft Parade album.

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    Tags: the doors, the unknown soldier,   

    The Unknown Soldier 

    Bit of a mental song with an execution in the middle! Off the Doors album Waiting for the sun.

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    Tags: , peace frog, the doors,   

    Peace Frog Video 

    Possibly my favorite Doors song to listen to and play. The End live in Eamonn Dorans.

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  • Leon 11:00 am on September 4, 2010 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: the crystal ship, the doors   

    The Crystal Ship 

    A beautiful soft song and one that’s lovely to sing. Off the Doors debut album.

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    Alabama Song Video 

    The End playing a fine Doors song in Eamonn Dorans.

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