To Make You Feel My Love

Just a quick and simple live cover of the Bob Dylan/Adele song I knocked up through Cubase just now!

All I Want Is You

Classic U2 song recorded here a few months ago with a friend and my fiance Eimear singing. Acoustic, Lead guitar, Vocals and a bit of Bongos!

Wonderful Tonight

An Eric Clapton number myself and a friend (with my Fiance Eimear singing!) knocked up in the studio here a few months back with Bass, Acoustic, Lead Guitar and Vocal.

No Line On The Horizon Review

I got hold of the latest U2 album a week or 2 before going to see them in Croke Park on their first night on home soil as part of their current world tour. Just wanted to aquaint myself with some of the songs in case they played a load of them! They played 4 or 5 and I was ready for them! Continue reading “No Line On The Horizon Review”

Burn On Jack L Review

Just seen the great voice, Jack L performing in the Dock in Carrick-on-Shannon last night and its about the 5th or 6th time I’ve seen him live so before I get around to this late review of his latest album “Burn On” it needs to be said that I’m already a big fan! Continue reading “Burn On Jack L Review” Be a DJ!

Been checkin out the last week or so and its one of the cooler sites out there! Its basic a microblogging, twitter like site that lets you search for music and ‘Blip’ or play your favorite music as a new post. You can even embed your latest few chosen tracks in your site as I’ve done at the bottom of this page..

Sound quality is excellent and there seems to be a lot of music in the database. I’m not though!

Any Good Music!?

Just occurred to me recently that I know f*** all about the current music scene, I been livin’ in the 60’s for the last decade ever since I was in my Doors cover band “The End”. I don’t even have top of the pops any more to tell me what people like and the radio in my car usually spills out current affairs/talk programs or classical music to ease my mood! Continue reading “Any Good Music!?”