Any Good Music!?

Just occurred to me recently that I know f*** all about the current music scene, I been livin’ in the 60’s for the last decade ever since I was in my Doors cover band “The End”. I don’t even have top of the pops any more to tell me what people like and the radio in my car usually spills out current affairs/talk programs or classical music to ease my mood!

I’ve spent many minutes just now trying to think which songs and bands/artists I might like from the current ‘popular’ music scene but I’ve come up blank except for these, probably incorrect, references to what I might have heard:

Here come the Girls” by the Sugababes!? I kinda like this band, they have a knack of comin up with good songs, plus, I dig them!

Jack L‘ is a class irish singer with an immaculate voice but he’s hardly popular.

Snow Patrol‘ have a good sound to them.

Coldplay‘ was my thing a few years ago..

And thats about all I know about today’s popular music – is it me or the music!?

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