A few questions

Why is madness more interesting than sanity?
Why don’t people see the bigger picture?
Why do we think we’re so important?
Why am I here?

What is beauty?
What is intelligence?
What is kindness?
What am I?

When will the world end?
When will there be peace?
When will we learn?
When will I die?

Where is God?
Where has all the love gone?
Where has the past gone?
Where am I?

How did we get in this state?
How big is the universe?
How do we survive?
How am I, really?

Who is responsible for us all?
Who was the first person to love?
Who decided right from wrong?
Who am I?

Written 20 years ago.

New Religion

I am the new Jesus Christ.
I have come, not to enlighten you,
But to confuse you.
Not to lead you along the path of righteousness,
But to lead you all to hell.
I will not suffer for your sins,
But let you suffer for your own.
I will not heal the sick,
But kill them and end their misery.
I will not offer you hope,
Because there is none to offer.

Written 20 years ago.

Conjugation of my hatred

I hate me
I hate you
I hate him
I hate her
I hate us
I hate you (plural)
I hate them (masculine)
I hate them (feminine)

I hate narrow mindedness
I hate ignorance
I hate avoidable stupidity
I hate drunkenness
I hate coldness
I hate dishonesty
I hate authority
I hate work

I hate dirt
I hate children murdered
I hate falseness
I hate boredom
I hate money
I hate old age
I hate depression
I hate talking without saying anything

I love……….. Everything else!

Written 20 years ago.

Me, me, me

Trying to sleep to kill time,
And one day, time will kill me.
Wasting each day, in my prime,
It’s not all it seems to be free.

I’m outside, looking in on the fun,
Banging on the window, but unheard.
Am I happy to just exist with the sun,
And to remain this way, lonely and scared?

My boredom feels terminal, no one seems real,
My wavelength is outside the spectrum.
My cure is a girl who’s heart I can steal,
As I pluck this sad song with my plectrum.

Trying to sleep to kill time,
As, one day, time will kill me.
Wasting the days, in my prime,
Is this how my life is meant to be?

Written 20 years ago.