The End

“The End” existed from about 1998 to 2001 with our farewell gig in January 2001.

We were a six-piece covers band who started out playing Oasis, The Beatles, and similar stuff, and ended up as a Doors cover band! We played most?of our gigs in Eamonn Doran’s, Temple Bar, Dublin.

That’s me playing lead guitar to the right, with Mark singing, Karl and Derek on bass and rhythm in the shadows on the left, and Frank playing keyboard just in front of me. Steve is on drums in the back.

I met the lads through the music board of a local free adds paper and we went from being a lazy, untalented and drummer less bunch, to the best Doors cover band I’ve seen!!

There were some nights in Doran’s when we were all stoned, pissed or possessed, the crowd was in, we had the vibe, and we played the ass off the songs!!

In the end (sorry!) some of us fell out with each other or got bored and the band split up, playing our last (and best) gig in January 2001….

The End!

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