A Poem for my Love

If I were a Sculptor, it’s you I would shape.
If I were a Painter, it’s you I would paint.
If I were a Singer, to you I would sing,
Of the feelings inside me, that your love brings.

If I were a Doctor, it’s you I would heal.
If I were a Robber, it’s you I would steal.
If I were a Poet, to you I would write.
But words won’t explain, what you mean in my life.

If I were a Christian, it’s God I would thank.
For your love overcomes me, as a river bursts bank.
If I were a Dove, to you I would fly,
One love – together, never to die…

For Eimear on Valentines Day..

A Funny Poem

Here’s a short poem we just dug up from a few years back, co-written by me and my Fiancé:

Leon and Eimear met on the net,
You could say it was love at first ‘site’.
Every time they came online,
They talked for half the night!

He was lost and she was too,
But his advances were rebuked.
But she came around and love he found,
The very first time she cooked!

Now 5 months on, a long time gone,
The relationship is stable.
She’s realised he’s after more than,
Just her broadband cable!

Un-opened Doors and Time Passing

Life is a long corridor,
Of un-opened doors.
Any that we manage to open,
Give us glimpses of the truth,
Perceptions of reality,
Gates to another existence,
A better place
For the human race,
Maybe worse….

Time floats away
On soft summer breezes,
We will never catch up
And it will never come back to us.
Life is just un-opened doors
and time passing…

I Thought I heard the rain

I thought I heard the rain falling.
Hitting my pain,
Calling my name,
Telling me I’m insane,
Clearing my drain
and playing my game,
Asking my brain to stay the same.
Down, hard and wet it came,
Whispering to me
and blurring my aim,
Taking away my chance of fame,
Dousing my fire
and making me tame,
Stirring my rage
To kill and to maim,
But soaking my legs
and making me lame.
I thought I heard the rain falling,
But when I rose,
There was sunshine….